M Publishing House is a boutique press focusing exclusively on the biomedical and life sciences. Our titles are rooted in rigorous, peer reviewed academic and clinical research. Moreover, our titles are interpreted to be accessible to non-technical, general readers. M Publishing House is committed to building an avenue connecting science researchers and writers with readers.

Picture of Peter Roehrich
Peter Roehrich, Publisher, M Publishing House.

The Publisher, Peter Roehrich is a cellular biologist by training, holding a Master’s degree from American University with advanced coursework completed at Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences. He researched extensively in cellular fat metabolism. After 4 years of ‘at the bench’ experience, Peter left science practice. A long time writer, he founded M Publishing House after recognizing that innovative, fascinating, valuable research went unnoticed because scientific literature is all too often unnecessarily dense.

IBPALogoM Publishing House is a proud member of the Independent Book Publishers Association, the largest trade association of small and independent presses.