M Publishing House is a boutique press specializing in biomedical and life sciences titles written so as to be approachable for the general reader. We provide full publishing services: manuscript review, marketing, layout, and print and electronic distribution. Because we’re a small, independent press we have the flexibility to work closely with you in developing a high quality title that is commercially viable. Further, we are managed by experienced cellular and molecular biologists, bringing unique subject matter expertise to review and appreciate biomedical and life sciences works that generalist publishers do not.

We are located in Maryland, outside of Washington, DC.

We are actively seeking manuscripts.

Our Titles

M Publishing House is pleased to announce Fat Within, a rigorously researched, peer reviewed science based explanation of the physiology of body fat. Fat Within explores why it is so easy to gain weight, and hard to keep it off. It looks at the hormones involved in fat storage and mobilization, the body processes influenced by body fat, how fat contributes to inflammation and why it matters. Fat Within also describes the protective effect of physical activity, even absent weight loss. This title concludes with practical, concrete action steps virtually any reader can employ to step toward better health, and work with our fat cells, rather than fight them. Fat Within will be released in the coming months.


M Publishing House is always seeking new takes on innovative, fascinating science, especially biomedical and life science focused manuscripts. We’d love to talk with you about your work. Please use the contact form or email the publisher to reach out.

Our Process

The submission process begins with your submission package. This package should contain a cover letter as well as a completed, professionally edited manuscript. No need to go through an agent.

Upon receipt of your submission, we will review the manuscript for content quality. We always reply with a decision within 3 months of receipt. We may offer a modest advance.

Accepted manuscripts are further edited for consistency with M Publishing House style (Chicago style with a few additions–submit your manuscript in Chicago style). Our designer will incorporate illustrations and images, lay out the interior, and prepare a cover; we work closely with you in these processes.

We collaborate with you to develop a multi-pronged marketing plan that we will implement together with you. The plan will typically cover social and traditional media campaigns, obtaining professional and reader reviews, book trailers, cover design, media appearances, and more.

Distribution & Royalties

Your title is distributed electronically and physically. We are pleased to announce that we are seeking distribution through Small Press United, a leading distributor of independent press titles.

Our unique model allows us to offer generous royalties, around 20%.